Garage to Grandma's Apartment



Garage Conversion Into a Full Studio Apartment


This was a fun project. We converted this two car garage into a studio apartment with a full kitchen and full bathroom. When we walked onto the job it was a garage cluttered with random things and some pretty used cabinets. We would tear down the garage door and frame up the opening to have a window and door. Then we would begin framing the inside and running wires and electrical. We folllowed with drywall and texture and any other completion projects. We proceeded to design and install the cabinetry and appliancesfrom our previously bought selection. We approached the wood flooring and the shower with relief knowing that this project was finally coming to a close. Now it is a perfect place for grandma to call home.

Please take the time to look around the website for more information and pictures of our previous work! We are always open to any questions so dont hesitate to ask via email or phone call!

Donivan and Wayne Clifford

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