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Clifford is one of Phoenix Arizona's most experienced cabinet installers. We have installed well over 200 kitchens in the last three years. Clifford had at one time primarily installed for Home Depot, Lowes, and many other cabinet companies in the valley. We were installing cabinets every single day for a month straight. We were in what we called the "cabinet installation zone". However, we soon found that being the sub contractor for these companies was not to our benefit on both a monetarily level as well as on a customer service and satisfaction level. Now we do it on our own from designing and ordering cabinets to installing and finishing your new kitchen remodel.

Kitchens: How they Have become more

When we think of our kitchen, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is a place to cook and eat food. At least that was the way of the kitchen in the old days. In the kitchen of today, cooking and eating is only the beginning. The kitchen has become more of a place for socialization. It is a key gathering location during the times of family events. It has become the modern selling point of any good home.

To emphasize this change, every variable of kitchen design has changed over the years. The cabinets themselves are no longer just simple boxes built of pine or mdf wood and painted. They are considered quality pieces of furniture built with some of the finest quality woods including maple, cherry, and birch. Even the shelving and doors themselves have changed. Instead of your standard outside door hinge, hinges are hidden and built into the doors. Shelving is no longer traditional multi level shelving. Now almost every part of a cabinet that had shelf space within it opens with heavy duty gliding drawers. Not to mention cabinetry now has a spring loaded slow close mechanism option for that extra extra feature.

Cabinetry sizes have changed. We are seeing a lot more customers removing their soffit and replace the upper cabinets with 42 inch and greater. The idea here is that they gain more cabinet space in a smaller area. This while replacing the dead space that either collects dust or serves no other useful purpose at all. Long ago was the desire for peninsulas. Nowadays, customers want islands as they are so much more of a gathering spot with access in any direction.

We see a lot of change in the appliances too. We install more microwaves in place of hoods. Customers are moving more towards ovens and microwaves that are built into utility cabinets. Drop in stove tops are more convenient as now customers have the added drawer space underneath rather than the traditional oven stove top combination. Customized hoods that hang from the ceiling are quickly becoming the normal accent feature. Something you see often in IKEA kitchens.

To add to the long list, lighting options are changing too. We have installed more than double the amount of cabinet lighting both (under and over). It’s a unique and beautiful way to add both lighting and accent features to your kitchen. Often lighting up a custom backsplash or giving a mood light effect. Hanging pennant lights are popular too with the addition of more islands.

People are spending obscene amounts of money with the idea that they can and will get the return for their investment. And from our experience, they are correct. Nothing shows and sells like a new modern kitchen.

Donivan and Wayne Clifford

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